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A Year of Magic!

Hello! Welcome to 2021 and to the Aladdin blog – where the magic happens. 

2020 was the real deal, everyone was stretched by the pandemic – individuals, businesses, relationships, jobs, health workers. No one expected it, even though a few had contingency plans just in case things went funny. Acknowledged, 2020 was weird. But now that we’ve stepped into 2021, can we forget the virus ever happened? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. We hear there may even be a second wave and/or a mutated virus to tackle within the new year. So, brace up!

At Aladdin, we did a lot of soul searching and decided to make it easier to live your best life just in case the harsh realities of 2020 stretched into 2021. Imagine 2021 with all of the opportunities and without the pain – where the lockdowns do not stop your business in any way. That’s why we built the Aladdin app – to make magic happen for you.

How does the Aladdin app help? Let me show you four unique ways it does:

1. We present the World’s first digital open Bank. Like you, we got tired with the many secrets the current financial system keeps from us. In the traditional banking system, all you have is a bank account number and you are viewed as that way – as a number. At Aladdin, we see you as an individual, a business with “a hustle” and so we give you access to an online magic data page that can serve as your point of meaningful interaction with other account holders. Your magic page is your resume to sell yourself, connect and do business with other users. We’ve also included expert analysis with advisory services to help you maximally utilize your magic page.

2. Completely free banking. We mean, zero bank charges and no hidden fees for your daily transactions.

3. A chance to win daily and monthly cash prizes with our magic games and raffle draws – it’s a win-win for you, you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Prizes run into millions of Naira.

4. Loans when you need them without the bureaucracy of the traditional banks. 

There’s so much planned to support you as an individual and/or a business.

Here at the Aladdin blog, we will be taking the first few weeks to simplify our offerings with relevant and exciting content. We look forward to a beneficial relationship with you – keeping you in focus at all times.

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Once again, Welcome to the Aladdin blog! Welcome to magic!

Avi Umukoro